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Telecommunications licenses are a valuable asset and provide assurances to customers, business partners, investors and interconnecting carriers that your company is trustworthy and viable. Many domestic and international jurisdictions mandate that carriers obtain licenses or certifications of public convenience and necessity (CPCN) prior to providing telecommunications services. The process often involves identifying the applicable license, submitting an acceptable application with the regulatory authority and prosecuting that application at the responsible agency. Whether your application is successful is not a matter of chance, but instead requires experience, industry knowledge and personal contacts.

Thomas Lynch & Associates has successfully obtained licenses from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), most of the state regulatory authorities in the United States and, through affiliated firms, international regulatory bodies. We are prepared to assist your company in obtaining the licenses it needs to move forward.

Some of the licenses we can assist you with include the following:

In addition to assisting your company with obtaining a new license, Thomas Lynch & Associates can help with the transfer or assignment of an existing license. A transfer of control involves a change in ownership of the licensee, but the name of the licensed entity does not change. An assignment involves moving the license from one entity to another. Many regulatory bodies, including the FCC, do not permit a telecommunications license to be transferred or assigned without prior Commission approval. We have assisted multi-billion enterprises, as well as small companies, in sucessfully transferring or assigning telecommunications licenses. For more information about the process, click the link below.

License transfers or assignments
Cancelation of a 214 License or 499A Registration

Contact Our Telcommunications License Attorneys

If you need assistance in obtaining a telecommunications license or with assigning or transferring a telecommunications license, contact our law offices in the Washington, DC metro area to speak with an experienced lawyer.

The law offices of Thomas Lynch & Associates provides legal advice to telecommunications businesses throughout the United States, including Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles, San Jose and Palo Alto.




"Thomas Lynch is an outstanding attorney and is an expert in negotiating complex telecom transactions. He was instrumental in completing several key transactions for us, including a series of deals for a major international network buildout. I recommend Tom with the highest praise."

Jon Reiter
Senior Director and Head of
Business & Legal Affairs, BT Infonet

"Tom Lynch and his team are prompt, professional and affordable. Their in-depth knowledge of domestic regulatory issues and compliance is outstanding. We now to turn to Tom for all of our licensing needs."

Gregory Wasilewski, President
IPC Network Services, Inc.

"I appreciate the way the firm uses technology to communicate with their clients and provide legal services. From the website login to pdf versions of FCC notices, they make it easy to follow the progress of a license application."

Larry Coble, VP Business Development
Cooper Power Systems

"Tom Lynch is clearly a skilled negotiator. He was able to secure terms and conditions for us that gave us flexibility and reduced risk. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Kurt Littlefield, Vice President,
IT Group, Fresenius Medical Care

"I thought it would take a lot longer to get the approvals. But Tom Lynch was able to obtain our international license in only a few weeks. We'll definitely call them again for our licensing needs."

Lijun Niu, President
Nucom Technology, Inc.

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