Experienced Telecom Regulatory Attorneys

We wrote the book on telecommunications law.

Our founding attorney, Thomas Lynch, co-authored and edited The Telecommunications Act Handbook: A Complete Reference for Business, a book describing the principal provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The book became an instant best-seller among individuals and companies involved in telecommunications. Because we have a deep understanding of the telecommunications industry and the laws which regulate it, we are able to help our clients comply with various state, federal, and international telecommunications regulations.

Complying with Telecommunications Regulations

Start-up companies, established and compliant entities and companies with a history of little or no compliance all turn to us for assistance in determining their regulatory status and either maintaining compliance or taking concrete steps to move toward full compliance in an expeditious manner. We assist with identifying applicable state and federal regulations for telecom service providers (both facilities-based and resale), telecom equipment manufacturers, satellite service providers, wireless licensees, CLECs, VOIP providers, information service providers and others. We track the applicable regulatory requirements for our clients, and assist with routine and random reporting obligations to maintain a green-light status with the various regulatory agencies that govern the telecommunications industry.

Through our legal affiliations overseas, we can assist multi-national telecommunications enterprises with regulatory compliance. Whether you need assistance with new license requirements, regulatory reporting, or an audit of your compliance status, we can assist you with a team of experts worldwide.

All of our services are fully confidential. With contacts at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and at state and international regulatory agencies, we can help maintain or transition your company to full compliance with telecom regulatory and tax requirements. Whether your company is seeking to attract investment, leverage its business or simply stay in business by complying with the law, we can help.

Helping Venture Capitalists and Other Investors in Telecommunications

In addition to helping telecommunications carriers, we assist large and small venture capitalists, angel investors and telecommunications service providers in acquiring or investing in telecom companies. We often work with other law firms in the due diligence process, in which we cover telecommunications regulatory, tax and licensing issues. By providing a specialized focus and a deep expertise in telecommunications regulation and licensing requirements, we offer our clients and their securities or corporate counsel the precision and timeliness they need to accomplish investment goals. Our expertise allows us to quickly identify areas of a target's non-compliance, thus permitting our client to quantify the risk associated with the acquisition. We also identify and assist with drafting closing conditions related to telecommunications regulatory requirements and take the lead in completing the applicable requirements to move toward a successful close.

Some of the transactions we've assisted with include multi-billion acquisitions by large consortia of venture capitalists and private equity firms. We've also provided regulatory guidance and assistance with license transfers for large acquisitions of telecommunications service providers and equipment manufacturers. Whether your project is large or small, we can help quantify and reduce the regulatory risk.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Regulatory Compliance

Many of our clients are using advanced technologies and internet-based transport in their networks. The rapid advancement of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) has lead to confusing regulations and the absence of a clear path to regulatory compliance. We assist our clients with keeping abreast of the regulations, participating in rulemakings and the regulatory process and in complying with the rules as they develop. As the recent AT&T prepaid calling card case demonstrates, companies should not depend on benign regulatory treatment by the FCC and state regulatory bodies that ultimately decide to regulate VOIP. The prudent executive in the VOIP market mitigates risk by seeking regulatory advice and ongoing assistance with monitoring legal developments. We help VOIP providers comply with existing regulations, including E911, CALEA, CPNI, TRS, CLEC licensing and taxation, as well as keep abreast of new developments. Call us today to audit your regulatory compliance to date and inquire about our VoIP Regulatory Compliance Packages.

Understanding-and Using-Advanced Telecom Technologies

Our attorneys not only understand the telecommunications industry and the technologies available, we also use advanced telecommunications technologies in our own practice, including IP video and VOIP. These technologies help us create a streamlined legal practice and provide efficient and cost effective legal services.

Contact Our Telcommunications Regulation Attorneys

If you need assistance in complying with telecommunications regulations or with an investment project involving a telecommunications company, contact our law offices in the Washington, DC metro area to speak with an experienced lawyer.

The law offices of Thomas Lynch & Associates provides legal advice to telecommunications businesses throughout the United States, including Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles, San Jose and Palo Alto.




"Thomas Lynch is an outstanding attorney and is an expert in negotiating complex telecom transactions. He was instrumental in completing several key transactions for us, including a series of deals for a major international network buildout. I recommend Tom with the highest praise."

Jon Reiter
Senior Director and Head of
Business & Legal Affairs, BT Infonet

"Tom Lynch and his team are prompt, professional and affordable. Their in-depth knowledge of domestic regulatory issues and compliance is outstanding. We now to turn to Tom for all of our licensing needs."

Gregory Wasilewski, President
IPC Network Services, Inc.

"I appreciate the way the firm uses technology to communicate with their clients and provide legal services. From the website login to pdf versions of FCC notices, they make it easy to follow the progress of a license application."

Larry Coble, VP Business Development
Cooper Power Systems

"Tom Lynch is clearly a skilled negotiator. He was able to secure terms and conditions for us that gave us flexibility and reduced risk. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Kurt Littlefield, Vice President,
IT Group, Fresenius Medical Care

"I thought it would take a lot longer to get the approvals. But Tom Lynch was able to obtain our international license in only a few weeks. We'll definitely call them again for our licensing needs."

Lijun Niu, President
Nucom Technology, Inc.

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