Affordable Legal Rates

According to the Wall Street Journal,* hourly rates for attorneys have been rising steadily and some attorneys now charge over $1,000 per hour. The trend of rising hourly rates leaves some prospective clients with difficult decisions, which may include whether they can afford to hire an attorney to review an important contract, or use experienced counsel for complex licensing or tax compliance.

Thomas Lynch & Associates understands a client’s need to balance the cost of zealous representation with effective and desired results. We give our clients options to manage their legal budget, including flat fees, contingency fees and competitive hourly rates typically lower than those found among attorneys at large law firms in Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. By using technology to leverage legal skills to our clients’ advantage, Thomas Lynch & Associates affords you the advantages of the large law firm, without the costly price tag. Clients of Thomas Lynch & Associates are represented by skilled and experienced attorneys that charge competitive fees reflecting a highly-focused, strategically located and carefully managed office. Contact us today to discuss how we might work within your budget to achieve the results your company needs.

* Big Law’s $1,000-Plus an Hour Club  WSJ, February 23, 2011

Contact Our Telcommunications Attorneys

If you need assistance with telecommunications contracts, telecommunications regulations, telecommunications tax compliance or with an investment project involving a telecommunications company, contact our law offices in the Washington, DC metro area to speak with an experienced lawyer.

The law offices of Thomas Lynch & Associates provides legal advice to telecommunications businesses throughout the United States, including Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles, San Jose and Palo Alto.