Telecommunications Related Agreements

Negotiating Your Telecommunications Agreement

Agreements between businesses are among the most important assets a company can have. Anyone who’s been through an acquisition knows that the buyer is keenly interested in the terms and conditions of the seller’s agreements – both with customers and with vendors. The terms are important, particularly for large purchases or sales of goods or services, and for strategic transactions like resale or joint marketing arrangements. Striking the right balance in negotiating these transactions is an art. And doing it artfully requires experience.

Thomas Lynch has nearly 30 years of experience negotiating agreements, primarily involving telecommunications and the internet. Our clients include some of the largest providers of equipment and services, as well as large purchasers. From multi-million dollar telecommunications deals, to equipment purchase agreements, to resale agreements and many others, we have drafted and negotiated literally hundreds of contracts, and as a result have a deep understanding of technology transactions.

The savvy consumer of legal services today is looking for this level of expertise, but doesn’t necessarily turn to the major law firms to supply it. In fact, many of our larger clients have in-house counsel as well as relationships with large law firms. The client utilizes our experience to head up individual complex or overflow transactions, many times with in-house support, or with other outside counsel. Our flexibility allows the client to structure legal support for a deal in the most efficient manner, without sacrificing the overall quality of the final agreement. And retaining our expertise for your transaction is imminently affordable. We have a nimble practice that is light on overhead and heavy on communications technology. The result is a reasonable hourly rate that appeals to both large and small businesses alike and is significantly less than what you would pay for comparable expertise at a major law firm with a telecommunications department.

Representative Clients

If you’re looking for legal assistance in drafting and negotiating your next commercial or strategic transaction, consider Thomas Lynch & Associates. Other companies have relied on our services for transactions that include the following:

Negotiation of key agreements for the international network buildout of the largest internet search engine in the United States.

+•The multi-million dollar divestiture of customers and the provision of support services in connection with the merger of a multi-billion dollar regional bell operating company and one of the top five interexchange carriers in the United States.

+•Initiation, prosecution and settlement of litigation against a major government services technology contractor in the Mid-Atlantic region.

+•Negotiation of international collocation, equipment purchase and other agreements for one of the largest internet-based hosted services provider in the United States.

+•Initiation and prosecution of voluntary disclosure agreements pertaining to telecommunications taxes in over 35 jurisdictions for a $500 million telecommunications company.

+•The multi-million dollar purchase of voice and data telecommunications services by Fortune 500 companies from national and international telecommunications carriers.

+•The drafting and negotiation of interconnection agreements by Central American and South American affiliates of a low-earth orbit mobile satellite service provider.

+•Serving as telecommunications tax and regulatory counsel for one of the largest private equity firms in the United States in connection with the acquisition of the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the United States.

+•The formation and financing of one of the most successful high-technology entities in the mid-Atlantic, growing from a valuation of zero to $4.2 billion in less than three years.

+•The drafting of a request for proposal by a major division of the Department of Defense for the procurement of local exchange products and services for government installations across the United States.

+•Assisting one of the largest prepaid phone service providers in the United States in complying with federal rules pertaining to Universal Service obligations.

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