Managing Your Telecom Licenses

Canceling Your 214 License

And Your 499A Registration

When you are no longer providing telecommunications or VOIP services, it may be advisable to surrender your International Section 214 Authorization with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and cancel your 499A registration with the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). You may also need to surrender your domestic 214 license in some cases and submit a notice to the FCC that you have suspended or canceled services.

Terminating the license and the registration is not difficult and relieves you of the obligation to make regular filings with the FCC and USAC, including CPNI filings and the 499A and 499Q reports for reporting income. Contact us if you need assistance determining whether to cancel or surrender your license or registration. Once a license is surrendered, you must re-apply to obtain it again.

We charge a low, flat fee to prepare and file the documentation necessary to surrender the 214 license and cancel the 499A registration. The surrender of the 214 license is put on public notice before it is effective, but the effective date is usually the date of filing. The cancellation of the 499A registration usually takes a couple weeks after USAC receives the affidavit of surrender that we prepare.

If you intend to transfer your license or sell you company, click here for more information and then contact us.