Voluntary Disclosure Agreements

What is a Voluntary Disclosure?

And Who Needs One?

A Voluntary Disclosure Agreement is a legal process by which a company may voluntarily disclose its status of noncompliance with the taxation regulations of a governing body, in the hopes of having the lookback period limited and penalties and interest waived on overdue taxes. The company must apply for a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement before falling under audit by the particular governmental department. Many States have a formal Voluntary Disclosure Process, while others take each VDA on a case-by-case basis.

Voluntary Disclosures can be an intimidating prospect. Thomas Lynch & Associates has successfully navigated the Voluntary Disclosure process for numerous companies. The intricacies of each state’s taxation of telecommunication services makes the Voluntary Disclosure process complex to be sure. However, with the help and experience of Thomas Lynch & Associates, you can find your way to tax compliance.

Statistics on Voluntary Disclosure Agreements in All 50 States + DC

Lookback Periods by State

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Form of Application

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Waiver of Penalties

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Waiver of Interest

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* Information above provided in a presentation on Voluntary Disclosure Agreements by Thomas Lynch, Esq. at the 2014 Telestrategies’ Communications Taxation Conference. The information may have changed since it was presented.

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